Ahead is there to support all of your IT needs, whether it be managed services, short to long term initiatives, or specialized recruitment.


Ahead Consulting is an Asia based IT consulting group with offices strategically located in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore in order to serve our enterprise clients most effectively. We work with global finance and insurance corporations, as well as SMEs.

Our management team is made up of former global finance organization IT managers with extensive business management experience and are passionate about delivering the highest quality services that are the right fit for our clients.

At Ahead, we believe that our staff are the key to delivering high quality services to our clients, thus we put extra effort into the growth and continued well-being of our people. All of our staff are encouraged to maintain a solid work-life balance, as well as further their business and technical skills through training and education.

We frequently organize social events to ensure that all staff have an opportunity to interact with their peers and are able to trade new ideas with each other. If you would like to join our team, please reach out to us on our Careers Page.